Birth Collections

Capturing a new baby joining your family is an event that should be documented. The following options are some of the best ways to capture this beautiful time in your life. Scroll down for more information and frequently asked questions.

Birth Story

Coverage from 7cm to birth
100-200 images
printing rights
online gallery

Birth stories are currently shot by associate photographers unless they are scheduled inductions or located in Cache Valley, Utah.


First 48

1 hour session at the hospital
50-60 images
printing rights
online gallery

These sessions are done in the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth. This is a great way to capture those first beautiful moments with your new little one.

$500+tax SLC | $400 Cache Valley

Birth Story + First 48

Birth story coverage 7 cm to birth
1 hour session at the hospital
200+ images
printing rights
online gallery



How do I book?

Email me and we can talk about your birth plan and go over details of the location and anything special I might need to know. Then I will send you an online booking proposal where you can sign a contract and pay your deposit to hold the weeks surrounding your due date.

Who will be shooting my birth?

I have transitioned to shooting births with a trusted associate team that has been trained by me. This ensures that there is always someone on-call and available to be at your birth! All editing and gallery curating is done by me. I will be the photographer in the event of an induction or birth in Logan, Utah.

Are images delivered in color or black and white?

I deliver a small amount of color images but most are black and white due to the likelihood of mixed lighting conditions. Black and white also helps to focus your attention on the details and emotions of the moment without other common distracting birth elements.

What if I have a C-Section?

Talk to your doctor and/or hospital in advance to see if I will be allowed in the room in the event of a c-section. In the event of an emergency and I am not allowed in the room, I will do my best to either shoot through the window if allowed or resume shooting as soon as baby returns to the delivery room.

How long do you stay after the birth?

I stay until baby has been weighed and mom and dad each get a turn to hold baby. I'll take a first family photo and then leave you to snuggle your new little one! If you would like me to stay longer or photos of siblings meeting baby, you can book another hour (first 48).

What is the difference between a birth story and a first 48 session?

A birth story covers labor and delivery. It captures all those first moments of meeting your new little one for the first time. A First 48 session is a great option for someone looking to capture this beautiful time in your life but may not want someone present for the delivery. A First 48 session takes place in the hospital anytime within the first two days of birth. It includes images of baby alone and photos of baby with mom, dad and siblings. It has a very similar feel to birth stories, without coverage of labor and delivery.

How can I ensure you do not miss my birth?

I like to receive weekly updates after you start going to your weekly appointments! Then when you start having contractions, check into the hospital, and every time your dilation is checked. We are on-call the weeks surrounding your birth. Please call me any time day or night and update me frequently on everything baby related!